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5 Best Wicket Keeping Inner Gloves | How to Choose

5 Best Wicket-Keeping Inner Gloves How to Choose

Hey there, cricket fans! 

What’s the secret behind those stunning catches and flawless stumpings by the pros? It’s not just skill – their gear plays a big part, too. 

Today, we’re discussing an unsung hero of the cricket world: the wicket-keeping inner gloves. You might think they’re just another piece of equipment, but oh boy, they’re so much more!

Shall we dive in?

What Are Wicket-Keeping Inner Gloves? Why Are They Important?

Wicket-keeping inner gloves are like the trusty sidekick to the main gloves – they’re worn underneath to amp up comfort and grip. Imagine standing behind the stumps all day; your hands will sweat, right? 

Inner gloves keep your hands dry and the ball firmly in your grasp. They also add a cushion layer to protect your palms from those rocket-like deliveries. Essential? Absolutely.

The Different Types of Wicket-Keeping Inner Gloves Available

So, you’ve got options when it comes to these inners. You’ve got the ‘cricket wicket-keeping inner gloves’ – a classic choice, focusing on comfort and sweat absorption. 

Brands like ‘aero wicket-keeping inners’ go further, adding extra padding where you need it most. 

And if you’re all about feeling the ball and nothing else, ultra-thin varieties let you do just that.

In addition, there are some other types you can easily find in the market. 

Top 5 Best Wicket-Keeping Inner Gloves

Top 5 Best Wicket-Keeping Inner Gloves

Let’s jump into the heart of the matter – the top dogs of the wicket-keeping inner gloves game. These aren’t just any gloves; they’re the ones that could make all the difference when you’re out there on the field. 

  1. Kookaburra Brad Haddin 200 WK Inners
  1. Padded Chamois Wicket-Keeping Inner
  1. Puma WK Half Chamois Inner Gloves
  1. SS WK INNERS Super Test (Chamois Padded)
  1. Yashi WK Inners

Let’s break them down, shall we?

Kookaburra Brad Haddin 200 WK Inners

Kookaburra Brad Haddin 200 WK Inners

These gloves are pretty much cricket royalty. Named after the Aussie legend, the Kookaburra Brad Haddin 200 WK Inners bring a pro feel to your hands. 

They’re padded just right, giving you a cushy feel without losing that essential connection with the ball. Plus, they breathe – so no stewing in your own sweat as the overs tick by.



  • High-quality cotton fabric for breathability
  • Reinforced padded palms
  • Mesh venting to keep hands cool


  • The reinforcement means they can take a beating from those hard hitters.
  • They’re breathable.
  • Designed with input from a pro, so you know they’ve got performance in mind.


  • They may be on the pricier side due to the pro-level design.
  • It could be a bit bulky for those who prefer a closer feel of the ball.
Padded Chamois Wicket-Keeping Inner

Padded Chamois Wicket-Keeping Inner

Talk about luxury! The Padded Chamois inner gloves are like that plush leather seat in a fancy car – they mould to your hands and offer a smooth, soft surface for those zingers coming your way. 

They’re all about combining comfort with a solid grip, and they do it with style.



  • Soft chamois leather for a luxurious feel
  • Foam padding for shock absorption
  • It can be worn with both full-finger and half-finger outer gloves


  • The chamois leather is super soft, making them very comfortable.
  • Good padding means you’re protected from those fiery fast bowls.
  • Versatile fit works with different styles of outer gloves.


  • They might not be as durable as synthetic alternatives.
  • Absorbency might mean they take longer to dry out between innings.
Puma WK Half Chamois Inner Gloves

Puma WK Half Chamois Inner Gloves

Puma’s got game, and they’re not shy about it. Their WK Half Chamois Inner Gloves are the sports car of the bunch – sleek, with just enough padding to keep you safe but not so much that you lose touch. 

They’re for the keepers who like to feel quick and agile, ready to pounce on any chance.



  • Combination of leather and synthetic materials
  • Half-finger design for better feel and flexibility
  • Elasticated waistband for a secure fit


  • The mix of materials strikes a balance between durability and comfort.
  • Half-finger design allows for more direct contact with the ball, enhancing control.
  • A snug wrist fit means they won’t slip during crucial moments.


  • The half-finger design might not provide enough protection in colder weather.
  • The leather parts require proper care to prevent deterioration.
SS WK INNERS Super Test (Chamois Padded)

SS WK INNERS Super Test (Chamois Padded)

Now, the SS WK INNERS Super Test is for serious players. These are not messing around – they’ve got that chamois padding that’s like a buffer zone for your hands. 

They mean business, and they tell every ball that dares to come your way, “Not today!”



  • High-quality chamois leather padding
  • Wide cotton cuff for a better fit around the wrists
  • Extra soft backhand material for added flexibility


  • Premium padding gives your hands the VIP treatment.
  • The wide cuff ensures the gloves stay put, no matter the action.
  • Flexibility means your hand movements aren’t restricted.


  • It might feel too bulky for those used to lighter inners.
  • The premium materials might make them a bit of an investment.
Yashi WK Inners

Yashi WK Inners

Ever heard of the underdog story? Yashi is no less than a big brand. Our WK Inners are making waves. 

We offer a no-nonsense approach to inner gloves – effective and comfortable, and we’ve got just the right amount of padding to keep you in the game for the long haul.



  • Synthetic materials for easy maintenance
  • Padded palms for comfort and protection
  • Ventilation holes for better air circulation


  • Easy to clean and maintain, which is great for regular players.
  • Decent padding helps soften the blow from the ball.
  • Ventilation keeps your hands from overheating.


  • Some players might lack the ‘pro’ touch of more established brands.

Which of these five is the best? Choosing a favourite dessert is difficult because they’re all wonderful! Just keep in mind that the glove that fits you the best is the custom-made one. 

Thus, try them, observe their reactions throughout a practice session, and who knows? One of these may be able to assist you in making the grab that has your teammates hoisting you up. Champs, keep it genuine and have your hands ready!

Picking out the right wicket-keeping inner gloves is a lot like choosing your cricket bat – it has to feel just right. Weighing up these pros and cons against your personal preferences is key. 

After all, when you’re out there making split-second decisions, you want to trust your gear as much as you trust your reflexes. Keep those hands happy, and they’ll work hard for you!

How to Choose The Best Wicket-Keeping Inner Gloves For Your Needs

How to Choose The Best Wicket-Keeping Inner Gloves For Your Needs?

It’s easy to choose the right combination, but it is crucial. You should consider several factors. 

Comfort comes first. Look elsewhere if it doesn’t feel like a second skin. Furthermore, “Kookaburra wicket-keeping gloves” are renowned for their long lifespan. 

“CA wicket-keeping gloves” and “ss wicket-keeping gloves” offer cutting-edge designs for the contemporary keeper, catering to those seeking the newest advancements in glove technology.

Trying on a few items is the best approach to discovering your ideal fit. Pick up a ball and practice some catches. Do they remain comfortable after a few attempts? 

You should feel prepared for everything with your inner gloves, quick bowlers and spinners.

To put it briefly, wearing the right inner gloves helps you perform at your best. Consequently, investing in the best wicket-keeping inner gloves may improve your life, regardless of whether you’re a weekend warrior or have major league aspirations. 

As we go further into the realm of cricket equipment, remember that the finest catches always begin with the perfect touch!

Factors to Consider When Choosing Wicket-Keeping Inner Gloves

When you’re out there looking to snag the best wicket-keeping inner gloves, you have to focus on the prize – and that means knowing what to look for. 

Here are some golden nuggets of wisdom to keep in mind:

  1. Material Matters
  2. Fit and Comfort
  3. Padding Perks
  4. Breathability
  5. Durability
  6. Price Point
  1. Material Matters: 

Leather or cotton? 

Leather is harder, and cotton is cooler. How is the playing field for you? Cool and airy, or hot and muggy?

  1. Fit And Comfort: 

Some find it gentle, while others find it hard. Which style are you? Which would you prefer—feeling the ball or like you’re catching clouds?

  1. Padding Perks 

Some like it soft; some like it hard. What’s your style? Do you want to feel the ball or like you’re catching clouds?

  1. Breathability

Even hands like taking breaths! Good ventilation is preferred since nobody loves clammy palms.

  1. Durability

Are you an athlete by day or a weekend warrior? Ensure that the gloves can adjust your pace.

  1. Price Point

Don’t go over budget, but remember that a few additional dollars spent might be the difference between a mediocre and an amazing catch.

Tips For Caring For Your Wicket-Keeping Inner Gloves

Here are some tips to take care of your inner glove: 

  1. Air Them Out
  2. Keep Them Dry 
  3. No Harsh Chemicals
  4. Regular Checks
  5. Storage Sense
  6. Leather Love
  1. Air Them Out

After a long day on the field, let them breathe. A little sun and air can go a long way in keeping them fresh.

  1. Keep Them Dry 

Got caught in the rain? Make sure they dry out properly. Stuff them with newspaper to help absorb the moisture.

  1. No Harsh Chemicals

When they need a clean, avoid the strong stuff. Gentle soap and warm water will do the trick.

  1. Regular Checks

Give them a once-over every now and then. A small tear can become a big problem if you’re not careful.

  1. Storage Sense

Store them in a cool, dry place. Heat and humidity are the arch-enemies of wicket-keeping inner gloves.

  1. Leather Love

If you went with leather, a little leather conditioner goes a long way. Just a dab every now and then keeps them supple.

If you take proper care of your wicket-keeping inner gloves, they will always have your back—or rather, your hands. Think of them as your closest friend on the field. 

If you follow these suggestions, your gloves will not only endure through many innings, but you’ll also notice a difference throughout the game. 

If you play well and care for your equipment, you may become the expert wicketkeeper you’ve always wanted to be!

Alright, let’s wrap this up and give it a shiny bow.

We’ve reviewed the best players in the game: Yashi, the underdog who could, Puma, SS, and Kookaburra. 

Everyone adds something unique to the stumps. Everything from the pro-level Kookaburra Brad Haddin 200 WK Inners to the reasonably priced Yashi WK Inners suits every keeper’s needs and budget.


In the quest for the best wicket-keeping inner gloves, my nod goes to the ones that balance comfort, grip, and a touch of style. 

Whether it’s the luxurious Padded Chamois Wicket-Keeping Inner or the sleek Puma WK Half Chamois Inner Gloves, there’s a perfect match waiting for you.

For those ready to up their game, Yashi Sports is a one-stop shop to get your hands in some of the best gloves out there. They’ve got the range; you’ve got the game.

Ready to catch like the pros? 

Swing by Yashi Sports for a top-notch selection of wicket-keeping gloves.

And there you have it – a full inning of info on wicket-keeping inner gloves. Now, go ahead, gear up, and get ready to turn those bouncers into stunners!

Do you need inner gloves for wicketkeeping?

Inner gloves are like trusty sidekicks, keeping you comfy and in control behind the stumps.

Which wicket-keeping gloves does Dhoni use?

Dhoni’s been seen flashing Spartan wicket-keeping gloves, among other brands, throughout his legendary career.

What are wicket-keeping inners?

They are the cushiony layer under the main gloves, giving extra comfort and sweat absorption.

Can the wicketkeeper throw with gloves?

Sure, for quick throws nearby, but for those long shots, it’s gloves off – literally!

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