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Some of the key specifications of the Bubble 4.1 Cricket Bat- SH include:

  • Sweet Spot: The optimal hitting area is approximately 210 to 240mm from the toe.
  • Edge Thickness: The edges are approximately 34mm thicker for powerful shots.
  • Edge Profile: The edges are round for better aerodynamics and a larger sweet spot.
  • Face Profile: The face of the bat is slightly curved for improved precision and control.
  • Toe Profile: The toe of the bat is standard for a familiar feel.
  • Spine Height: The spine of the bat is approximately 65mm to 67mm high for better weight distribution.
  • Scallop: The bat features a slight scallop of around 1mm to 2mm to reduce weight without compromising power.
  • Bow: The bow of the bat is approximately 10mm to 12mm, providing a slight curve for balance and power.
  • Handle: Oval Handle for comfort and control.
  • Weight: The bat weighs between 2lb 8 1/2oz to 2lb 10½oz, providing a balanced feel and power.
  • Hexa Grip: The bat features Kookaburra’s Hexa grip for a comfortable and secure grip.
  • Kookaburra Pre-Prepared (KPP): The bat is pre-conditioned by Kookaburra to reduce the time required for knocking in before use.
  • Short Handle only: The bat is only available in the quick handle size, the standard size for adult cricket bats.


The Bubble 4.1 Cricket Bat is an excellent choice for cricketers looking for a bat that combines power, performance, and style.




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