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How To Choose The Right Cricket Shoes For You?

How To Choose The Right Cricket Shoes For You

Cricket shoes are the most important piece of cricket gear that you should invest in. Here’s the guide about cricket shoes.

Are you in search of the perfect pair of cricket shoes? We know the hassle of searching for durable sports shoes, which requires a lot of research before investing since a good pair of cricket shoes goes a long way.

A good cricket shoe is important for that outstanding performance on the ground as the cricketer is supposed to run 2-5 km and have to stand all day long on their feet; the strain is entirely on the player’s feet. So treat them well. Comfortable cricket shoes provide much-needed support to players.

Best cricket shoes for men

To get the ideal pair of shoes, the cricketer should specify his position as a player, a batsman, a rounder, a wicket-keeper or a fast bowler. 

In case you are short on time, We handpicked the best shoes and did the half job for you. Hence, all you have to do is to stick to this blog by the end to pick the finest for yourself instead of scrolling thousands of pages on search engines, along with suggestions for cricket shoes that are available on our website.

Best Cricket Shoes For Fast Bowlers

Best Cricket Shoes For Fast Bowlers

The shoes play a significant part in the cricket kit for the fast bowlers. Usually, cricket shoes for fast bowlers are designed to have spiked to propel you to run forward at a good spread. 

The exceptional protection of the ankle of the fast bowler is another main thing to keep in mind, preferably with the side raised. 

The shoe’s upper material is the first to check for a fast bowler. The material ideally should be used with polyethylene or Microfiber. Polythene is lightweight and great for that rough cricket.

Cricket shoes for fast bowlers need double cushioning for that extra comfort and proper ventilation to avoid running friction. 


Few Suggestions:

  • Adidas adiPower Vector Mid Shoes
  • New Balance Ck 4030 J4 – Cricket Shoes, Spikes
  • New Balance Ck4020i4 Rubber Spike Cricket Shoes
  • Puma Team Full Spike II Cricket Shoes
Best Cricket Shoes For All Rounder 

Best Cricket Shoes For All Rounder 

Cricket shoes are considered to last long because of those long hours on the ground.

The first that is considered for the cricket shoes for all-rounders is comfort.

For all-rounder players, stud shoes are ideal. They are flexible, durable and provide the best grip on the ground. They are highly functional and have a two-tone TPU outsole. Before buying a cricket shoe for all-rounders, check the upper part of the shoe’s durability. 


Few Suggestions:

  • Asics Gel Peake All Rounder Cricket Rubber Studs Shoes
  • Nike Potential 3 – Cricket Shoes
Best Cricket Shoes For Wicket-Keepers 

Best Cricket Shoes For Wicket-Keepers 

If you are a wicketkeeper, look for the more lightweight and comfortable option, as the burden on your cricket shoes will not usually be as high as that of fast or medium-pace bowlers. Lightweight cricket shoes should be given preference when buying as they will help ease the player’s movement.


Few Suggestions:

  • GM MAESTRO Cricket Shoes
  • PUMA 22 FH Rubber Shoes
  • Asics GEL-LETHAL FIELD – Rubber sole
Best Cricket Shoes For Batsmen 

Best Cricket Shoes For Batsmen 

The Cricket shoes for batsmen should have good padding inside as they are supposed to perform in long innings with cozy cushioning to enable protection and sudden shocks of fastballs. Batsmen can even go with half spikes in shoes

The outsole for the batsmen’s cricket shoes should be lightweight and have a  strategic spike configuration for a good grasp on the ground. 

Few Suggestions: 

  • Nike Domain 2 Rubber Cricket Shoes
  • Kookaburra PRO 2000 Cricket Shoes – Rubber


Another characteristic when purchasing cricket shoes is the ground surface on which you will perform the game, either the turf or synthetic pitch. 

Preferably for turf grounds, spiked shoes are opted, while rubber ones are suitable for synthetic pitch. In contrast, size matters when buying new cricket shoes

The right size of cricket shoe is directly correlated to the player’s performance, and an ill-fitted cricket shoe will impact the performance.

Besides, it’s good for your feet to have a breathing margin for the front part of the toe. Style and color are other options when buying shoes, but protection from injuries should be the primary consideration. 

We hope this write-up will help you choose the best shoe pair for your favorite game.

Which are the best cricket shoes for men?

Adidas, ASICS, New Balance, Puma, and Kookaburra are top-quality cricket shoe brands popular among men. Individual preferences, playing style, and the type of cricket pitch all influence the best cricket shoes for men.

What shoes to wear for cricket?

Wearing specialized cricket shoes that give support, stability, and grip on the ground is recommended. Cricket shoes are made to boost performance while lowering the chance of injury. They have spikes or rubber studs on the sole to help player balance and field traction.

What is the point of cricket shoes?

Cricket shoes are designed to give stability and grip on the ground, allowing cricket players to make fast movements, maintain balance, and avoid injuries.

Which shoes are good for cricket?

Cricket shoes from well-known manufacturers like Adidas, ASICS, New Balance, Puma, and Kookaburra are well-known for their quality and durability. The greatest cricket shoes offer comfort, support, and traction, allowing players to perform to their full potential.

What are the best shoes for indoor cricket?

Indoor cricket shoes must be light and give adequate traction on the indoor surface. Indoor cricket shoes from ASICS, Kookaburra, and New Balance are designed to improve performance while reducing the risk of injury.

What shoes are used in international cricket?

International cricket players use shoes specifically made to provide optimal performance and protection. Adidas and Kook offer a variety of high-quality cricket shoes appropriate for international play.

Which shoes are best for turf cricket?

Turf cricket shoes must contain rubber studs for traction on the turf surface. Turf cricket shoes from ASICS, Kookaburra, and New Balance are designed to boost performance while reducing the chance of injury.

Does Nike have cricket shoes?

Yes, Nike has cricket shoes.

Can I use normal shoes for cricket?

Normal shoes are not suggested for cricket since they do not give the necessary support, stability, and grip that cricket shoes do. Normal shoes, especially on damp or slick terrain, also increase the risk of injury.

What is the difference between cricket shoes and normal shoes?

Cricket shoes include spikes or rubber studs on the soles to give greater traction and grip on the ground, particularly on damp or slippery grounds. Normal shoes lack this characteristic and are, therefore, unsuitable for cricket.

Can we wear sneakers for cricket?

Sneakers are not suggested for cricket since they do not provide the necessary support, stability, and grip that cricket shoes do. Sneakers are intended for casual use and are not appropriate for the strong physical activity associated with cricket.

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