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What are the Best Wicket Keeping Gloves?

What are the Best Wicket Keeping Gloves?

 If you are looking for the best wicket keeping gloves, or just want to find out more about them, then we have a good selection for you.

Wicket-keeping is one of the important positions in the cricket game. The gloves are not supposed to be worn to look cool or stylish. They are an essential accessory for the wicketkeepers. 

Wicket Keeping gloves are essential as they protect the player from shock absorption and pressure of the ball when it hits the hands. These players are the only ones who are supposed to wear wicket-keeping gloves to catch the ball missed by the batsmen or thrown at them. 

When buying a perfect pair of wicket-keeping gloves, there are many aspects to check. The only thing between a fast-coming ball and the damaged finger is the wicket-keeping gloves.

We have handpicked some best wicket-keeping gloves to make your buying process more manageable. Stick to this blog as we uncover all about wicket-keeping gloves.

How To Find the Best Wicket Keeping Glove- A Buyer’s Guide 

Finding the best wicket-keeping glove is not that tough. Here, we’ll cover some features and qualities that the best wicket-keeping gloves possess, which will help you choose one.

Let’s have a look at them.

Palm Lining

Palm lining is the area of the wicket-keeping glove that touches the palm most. Hence, the palm lining in the wicket-keeping glove is soft and comfortable to evade chafing and rubbing. 

Palm Padding

The padding in the palm is to secure and provide protection from any sudden injury.  The padding supports the act of a successful catch with the shock absorption and decreasing the chance to miss the catch out of the hands. Majority of the palm padding uses cotton wadding. 

Finger End Caps

The finger end caps are the cylindrical objects in wicket keeping gloves. The fingers are most likely to get injured, these are open from one end, they are designed to fit on your fingertips. Many wicket keeping gloves have additional foams in the finger ends. 


Cuffs are supposed to protect the wrist area, to avoid any sudden injury from the sides and fieldings. In a few circumstances, brands will include more rigid material into the padding of the wicket-keeping glove cuffs to protect the wrist from exceptionally high-speed effects. 


The fit of the wicket keep glove varies from one another, from loose to fit. For many players, this is considered a personal preference. But the preferred fit for the wicket-keeping gloves is the close-to-wrist fit for that perfect play, as the better the fit, the better the player will be comfortable. 


A wicket keeper gloves with sticky, rubbery external material on the palm, fingers and thumb/finger webbing holds the better grip, keeping in mind all the weather conditions and the intensity of the hard ball. 

Find The Best Wicket-Keeping Gloves

Now that you have an idea about the best wicket-keeping gloves features, it’s time to make your selection! Here’s the list of best wicket-keeping gloves you can quickly shop from the Yashi sports website.

Puma Evo SE Wicket-Keeping Gloves

You might be familiar with this popular and trustworthy cricket brand. These are leather gloves by Puma that are designed to provide high comfort & safety. 


  • Leather Finger and Cuff Back with Lightweight PU for Comfort and Durability.
  • Leather Cuff and Internal Lining.
  • Innovative internal Stitching.
  • FlexTech Superior Grip
  • High density foam cuff construction for enhanced fit.

Kookaburra Pro 1000 Wicket Keeping Gloves

These gloves are absolutely made to provide accurate grip and comfort for long matches. People love these Kookaburra wicket-keeping gloves because of their qualities like lightweight, and breathable, and yes, they’re good for practice!


  • Premium aniline sheep leather palm
  • Premium aniline sheep leather lining
  • Unique Kookaburra catching cup
  • DuoChrome octopus rubber
  • Durable fibre wear patches to ends of fingers
  • Premium calf leather back

Evo 2 Wicket Keeper Glove 

These durable wicket-keeping gloves are stitched with high-quality rubber and fabric just to protect your palm and fingers while doing your best at the wicketkeeping field. 


  • Light Weight PU Back with towelling.
  • FlexTech Superior Grip.
  • Innovative internal Stitching.
  • High-density foam cuff construction for enhanced fit.
  • Super soft cotton-lined cuffs for comfort
  • Light Weight PU Back with towelling.
  • FlexTech Superior Grip.
  • Innovative internal Stitching.
  • High-density foam cuff construction for enhanced fit.
  • Super soft cotton-lined cuffs for comfort

SS WK Gloves Player Series 

These gloves are professional wicket-keeping gloves; they are premium quality, highly comfortable, and long-lasting with excellent fitting. With the high-quality leather used, they provide a good hand grip. 


  • SS Player Series wicket-keeping gloves are a Classic benchmark.
  • The best quality cricket wicket-keeping gloves from SS Company.
  • SS Player Series is top-in-class wicket-keeping gloves for a professional cricket game.
  • Thumb – Straight setting.
  • Its leather palm, leather backside, full-size ball catching deep pocket and back side large size net give professional gloves a feel.
  • Its durable nature and improved net design ensure the gloves’ proper airflow.
  • Due to proper air circulation, gloves remain fresh for a long time.
  • It is equipped with quality leather, giving the perfect hand grip for the best wicket-keeping gloves performance.


Wicket Keeping gloves are vital protective gear for every wicket-keeper who plays the game of cricket. 

The players must be aware of the types of cricket gloves available, which ones fit them the best, and the types of gloves they must utilize to achieve more satisfactory results on the field. 

Check out Yashi Sports for the latest wicket-keeping gloves collection

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