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How To Clean A Cricket Helmet?

How To Clean A Cricket Helmet?

The cricket helmet has remained one of the essential accessories of cricket. In addition, it is used as the guard or protector for the cricket player, and you can easily find the various types of helmets in the stores and online.

The helmet is the protection, and players may play with no fear. However, the time witnessed that helmets couldn’t even save the players and their cricketing careers on a few occasions. In this regard, the standard and style of the helmets are upgraded. 

The point is to get the right helmet for the right job and avoid any risk or danger. In this regard, you’ll get the tip to buy the perfect helmet. So, read the article till the end to have the best one for you. 

Using helmets may also cause dust and stains, and you might question how to clean a cricket helmet. The answer to your question lies in this blog post. To get the perfect method to clean a cricket helmet, walk through the following paragraphs of the blog. 

Being a cricketer, you must occasionally clean your helmet and other accessories and avoid any smell and dust. Using a helmet for a long time might result in such issues, and you need to resolve them. 

It’s not so daunting; follow the instructions below to clean your cricket helmet

Instructions To Clean A Cricket Helmet

When cleaning a helmet, you’ll have the inner and outer parts of the helmet to clean. So, before you start cleaning, ensure you’ve the best quality helmet and the suitable detergent for use. 

  • Clean The Outer Part 

When you start cleaning, you’ll surely see the outer part of the helmet. So, let’s begin with its outer part. There are various ways to clean its outer part. 


  • To clean the outer part, you can use a soft towel. 
  • Prepare the mixture of soap or detergent to remove the bad odour and stains. 
  • Use a suitable detergent, and there is no need to use excessive detergent to get perfect results. 
  • If the piece of towel does not work, you can use a soft brush to remove the stains. 

The method will surely work and clean the outer part of the helmet. Additionally, it will also help to improve the appearance of the helmet. 

  • Clean The Inner Part

The next step you’ll take is to clean the inner part of the helmet. This is the major part and all about your comfort. It must be cleaned because the sweat may produce a bad odour, and dust accumulates. 

The inner part is essential as you play long innings and training sessions that produce problems. You have various methods to clean and remove the bad odour from the inside. However, follow the best one below. 

  • Detach the inner part of the helmet. 
  • To clean, you can use a soft piece of towel. 
  • Prepare the mixture of soap or detergent to remove the bad odour and stains. 
  • Use a suitable detergent, and there is no need to use excessive detergent for getting the perfect results. 
  • If the piece of towel does not work, you can use a soft brush to remove the stains. 
  • Allow it to dry naturally, and use it again. 

You can also replace the inner part of the helmet when you feel it’s out of order. It will offer you more comfort and avoid cleaning. 

  • Remove The Bad Odour 

You can’t avoid sweating while playing long innings and training sessions. Additionally, sweat produces a bad odour, and one can’t avoid the smell. However, there are various ways to remove this bad odour. 

While cleaning the inner part of the helmet, you can remove this smell. In addition, it is better to place your helmet out of the bag when it is not in use. This will result in throwing away the smell from the helmet. 

If you still find the way not so valuable, you can use an odour-eliminating spray to remove such smells. 

Exposing the helmet to the fresh air or using the spray might be helpful in this regard. 

Ensure you dry the helmet properly before using it again, and store it in the right place. 

Cricket Helmet Size Guide

Cricket Helmet Size Guide

The cricket helmet size is all about your choice. It is better to choose the correct option based on your head. While getting the best helmet for you, make sure you know the circumference or the size of the head to get the perfect helmet

With the help of the measurement, you can buy the right-sized helmet. Besides, you have different sizes available when you visit to purchase the helmet online or offline. Look at the cricket helmet size chart first, and try to select the perfect one for you. 

So, you can quickly get the perfect match if you’re a kid or an adult. Additionally, check the helmet’s quality, especially when ordering a cricket helmet online. 


In conclusion, if you’re worried about how to clean the cricket helmet and get rid of bad odors and dust, follow this relevant guide to make it easy for you to decide. Cleaning a cricket helmet becomes easy when you follow the proper guide and use a suitable detergent. 

If you’ve read the article to the end, let’s share the bonus tip—no need to go anywhere if you’re thinking about the best quality helmet that perfectly matches you. You can have all such stuff at leading cricket store and avail various offers. 

Grab the best helmet and other cricket accessories at one stop place.

How to wash a cricket helmet?

You can wash your cricket helmet with soap, detergent, and a soft towel. Gently scrub the helmet with the help of a towel, and allow it to dry naturally.

How can I clean my helmet at home?

It’s not so tricky. Use a proper solution of detergent and a soft towel to clean the helmet. Additionally, you can also use a soft brush to remove the stains.

How do you clean a batting helmet?

A batting helmet is one of the essential parts of a batsman. In addition, it’s relatively easy to clean it. You can use water and soap to prepare the solution or a detergent to clean a batting helmet.

Can cricket helmets be used in baseball?

In simple words, yes, it can be used in baseball. The purpose of wearing it is to protect yourself. So, the helmet can be used for multipurpose.

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