Cricket Batting Gloves in Detail & Top Brands

Cricket Batting Gloves in Detail & Top Brands

Cricket batting gloves, the major cricket equipment, often need to get the appreciation they deserve. But their role is undeniably pivotal in ensuring a player’s performance and safety. 

This comprehensive guide will delve into the different facets of cricket batting gloves, their importance, materials used, design elements, and how to choose the perfect pair.

While cricket is a game of skill, agility, and strategy, it’s also about equipment – particularly when it comes to the safety of the players. Cricket balls can travel at speeds exceeding 90 miles per hour in the heat of a match. 

Cricket batting gloves provide essential protection to the player’s hands, safeguarding them from potential injury due to the high-speed impact of the ball.

But it goes beyond simple defence. Also important is how comfortable you are. The proper grip that good gloves offer helps players handle the bat properly and swing precisely. 

Additionally, they lessen the vibration felt in the hands and improve the comfort of the batting experience by absorbing the impact of the hit.

  • Materials And Design

Cricket batting gloves are usually constructed from high-quality materials to ensure optimum safety and longevity. The outer part, which takes the direct impact of the ball, is generally made of leather due to its robust and durable nature. 

To enhance flexibility and provide superior grip, certain sections of the gloves, especially around the fingers, may be covered with a pimpled texture.

On the inside, the gloves are padded with cotton, foam, or gel, ensuring shock absorption and comfort. The inner lining, which comes in direct contact with the player’s skin, must be soft and breathable to prevent sweating and offer enhanced comfort during prolonged play.

The design of cricket batting gloves is a blend of tradition and modern innovation. They typically feature individual sections for each finger, providing a flexible fit that allows the batsman to grip and maneuver the bat effectively. 

Some gloves incorporate additional protective shields over the finger joints, which are often susceptible to injury.

  • Choosing The Perfect Pair

The ideal pair of cricket batting gloves would depend on the player’s preference, playing style, and the level of competition. The right fit is crucial; too tight gloves can restrict movement, while too loose can compromise grip and protection.

Most manufacturers provide a range of sizes from junior to adult, and some provide “women’s fit” gloves in recognition of the rising popularity of women’s cricket.

High-quality leather gloves might be more costly, but they also last longer and provide superior protection. Synthetic gloves might be a more affordable option, particularly for newcomers or casual players.

Top Brands of Batting Gloves: A Detailed Review

Top Brands of Cricket Batting Gloves: A Detailed Review

Regarding cricket, having the right equipment can significantly impact your performance. Batting gloves, in particular, are an essential piece of cricket gear. They provide comfort, enhance grip, and protect your hands from high-speed balls. 

Let’s delve into some of the top brands that manufacture outstanding batting gloves: Adidas, Kookaburra, Puma, SS, DSC, and New Balance.

Few are the top brands of batting gloves below: 

  • Adidas
  • Kookaburra
  • Puma 
  • SS 
  • DSC
  • New Balance 
  1. Adidas

Adidas, a globally recognized brand synonymous with quality sports gear, is good in the batting glove department. Adidas batting gloves are unique in their blend of style, comfort, and top-grade protection. 

Each glove is crafted from premium Pittards leather, ensuring a supple, comfortable grip. 

These gloves’ exceptional shock absorption, made possible by their multi-layered foam cushioning, is a key feature. 

Additionally, even during difficult match conditions, the airflow gussets support maintaining a cool, dry environment for the hands.

  1. Kookaburra

A well-known Australian sporting goods manufacturer, Kookaburra is well-known for its cricket-specific equipment. Both amateur and professional cricketers laud their batting gloves for their strength and defensive qualities. 

The ergonomically designed HD foam and reinforced fibre inserts in Kookaburra gloves offer great protection without limiting movement. The Kookaburra gloves’ airflow-focused design ensures the player’s hands stay dry and comfortable over long innings.

  1. Puma

Another sports business behemoth, Puma, is renowned for its fusion of fashion, function, and innovation. They are hardly an exception, either. These gloves have a lightweight, strong design that promotes exceptional hand flexibility. 

Incorporating its renowned moisture management technology, Puma offers exceptional breathability and keeps your hands dry throughout the game. These gloves’ excellent leather also offers a better grip, which will help you control your shots more precisely.

  1. SS (Sareen Sports)

An established Indian company, Sareen Sports, or SS, is well-known for its top-notch cricket gear. SS batting gloves provide an exceptional blend of protection, comfort, and toughness. 

High-quality leather and polyurethane are used in their construction to guarantee a firm grip and sufficient protection. 

The additional layer of protection on the fingers of SS gloves, which is intended to protect the hand’s most delicate areas, is one distinctive characteristic. Aggressive batters favour these gloves because of their exceptional shock absorption capabilities.

  1. DSC (Delux Sports Company)

DSC is a rising star in cricket gear, and their batting gloves have developed quite a reputation. The gloves have an original split-finger design that provides more flexibility and comfort. 

DSC gloves are made of high-quality calf leather, guaranteeing a soft, pleasant feel and an excellent grip. DSC gloves are dependable for vigorous cricketing activity due to their additional finger protection and superior sweat absorption capabilities.

  1. New Balance

High-quality batting gloves from New Balance, a company best known for its footwear, mark a successful entry into the cricket equipment market. These gloves combine fashion with utility and offer the best shock absorption technology for maximum protection. 

The smooth feel and powerful grip of New Balance gloves, which are made of the finest leather, improve your performance on the pitch. They also have a towel wristband that aids in absorbing perspiration so that your hands stay dry and comfortable while playing.

Cricket Batting Gloves Size Guide 

When choosing the right size for your cricket batting gloves, it’s crucial to pick a size that offers comfort, flexibility, and optimal protection. 

The size is generally determined by measuring the length from the start of the wrist to the tip of your longest finger, typically your middle finger.

Here is a rough size guide:

  1. Small Boys/Junior (Size 5) – typically for ages 6-8, the glove size would be approximately 16.5 cm
  2. Boys (Size 6) – typically for ages 9-11, the glove size would be approximately 17.5 cm
  3. Youth (Size 7) – typically, for ages 12-14, the glove size would be approximately 19 cm
  4. Small Men’s – typically for ages 15+ or for adults with smaller hands, the glove size would be approximately 20 cm
  5. Men’s – typically for adults, the glove size would be approximately 21 cm
  6. Large Men’s – typically, for larger adults, the glove size would be approximately 22.5 cm
  7. Extra Large Men’s – typically, for very large adults, the glove size would be approximately 24 cm

These are approximate measurements and can vary slightly between different brands.

To measure your hand:

  • Lay your hand flat with the fingers together.
  • Measure from the wrist (where the bone protrudes) to the tip of the middle finger.
  • Use this measurement to choose the correct glove size according to the guidelines above.

Remember that the gloves should fit snugly but not too tight, and there should be enough flexibility to move the fingers freely. If you’re buying gloves for a young player, consider getting a slightly larger size so they can grow into them.

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Cricket batting gloves are an essential component of a cricketer’s arsenal, despite frequently being overlooked by more popular accessories like bats and helmets. 

They greatly impact a player’s performance on the field by providing the necessary safeguards and improving grip and comfort. 

Everyone, from beginners to seasoned experts, may gain from knowing the significance and subtleties of cricket batting gloves, eventually resulting in a safer and more fun game.
Note: All aspiring cricketers should remember that no equipment can replace the need for proper training and practice. Cricket batting gloves can aid the game but can’t substitute for the skills developed on the pitch.

How to clean cricket batting gloves?

Cricket batting gloves are an investment, and their maintenance, particularly regular cleaning, is vital. Cricket batting gloves can be cleaned using a gentle cleaning solution, warm water, and a soft cloth, followed by air drying in a cool, shaded area.

Who has the best batting technique in cricket?

While there isn’t a single optimal stance or method for cricket, several players are renowned for their outstanding skills. For instance, Sir Don Bradman, considered the best batsman ever to live, was renowned for his distinctive yet successful batting stance. 

The “God of Cricket,” Sachin Tendulkar, had a batting style that was adored and revered worldwide. One of the best batters, Virat Kohli, has the ideal stance and technique.

What are the best batting gloves?

The best batting gloves vary based on the player’s preference, size, and playing style. However, companies like Kookaburra, Adidas, Puma, SS, and Gunn & Moore provide some of the greatest cricket batting gloves regarding comfort, safety, and durability.

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