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Best Cricket Pads For Kids

Cricket Pads For Kids

Cricket, a game of passion and precision, is loved by millions worldwide. Like any other sport, safety is paramount in cricket, especially for young players. 

To ensure their well-being on the pitch, it is crucial to equip them with high-quality protective gear, including cricket pads. 

This article presents the best cricket pads for kids, designed to offer maximum protection, comfort, and performance. 

Let’s dive into the details of these exceptional products.

Our Top Picks: 

The following cricket pads are our top picks. 

SS Aerolite Batting Legguards Moulded Series

SS Aerolite Batting Legguards Moulded Series

The SS Aerolite Batting Legguards Moulded Series is a top-notch choice for safeguarding young cricketers. These lagguards combine excellent protection with a lightweight design, ensuring safety and comfort. 

The risk of injuries during vigorous games is decreased by using premium-quality materials to create cushions which efficiently absorb impact. The unique design increases flexibility, allowing unrestricted movement and agility while making shots. 

The SS Aerolite pads have strong straps and a contoured fit, giving exceptional stability and avoiding slipping during games or practice sessions. 

Your child who plays cricket may concentrate on the game without worrying since their legs are well-protected.


Key Features:

  • Premium-quality materials for enhanced durability
  • Lightweight design for unrestricted movement
  • Excellent impact absorption for increased safety
  • Secure straps and a contoured fit for stability
  • Optimal flexibility for agile gameplay
Yashi – Platino Cricket Batting Leg Guard - Black

Yashi – Platino Cricket Batting Leg Guard – Black

The Yashi–Platino Cricket Batting Leg Guard in Black is another outstanding choice for young cricket enthusiasts. These legguards are built precisely to provide superior protection without compromising comfort. 

Maximum shock absorption is ensured by the high-density foam cushioning, lowering the possibility of a rapid bowler or unintentional contact injuries. Young players can move quickly and easily with the help of the legguards’ streamlined design and lightweight construction. 

These pads, which have a snug fit and adjustable straps, give young cricketers the assurance they need to play their strokes boldly. 

The YASHI-Platino pads successfully combine fashion, utility, and security.


Key Features:

  • High-density foam padding for optimal shock absorption
  • Sleek and lightweight design for agility
  • Adjustable straps for a secure and customizable fit
  • Provides ample protection during intense gameplay
  • Combines style, functionality, and safety
Yashi Pad Maxxum 4.0

Yashi Pad Maxxum 4.0

The Yashi Pad Maxxum 4.0 is a fantastic choice for young cricketers seeking top-of-the-line leg protection. These pads are meticulously designed to offer exceptional comfort and defence against impact. 

The high-density foam padding ensures optimal shock absorption, safeguarding young players’ legs against fast deliveries. The innovative design incorporates lightweight materials that allow for unrestricted movement and agility. 

The Yashi Pad Maxxum 4.0 boasts reinforced knee protection, offering extra support and reducing the risk of injuries during kneeling or diving. 

With adjustable straps providing a secure fit, these pads are a reliable choice for young cricketers looking to excel in their game.


Key Features:

  • High-density foam padding for superior shock absorption
  • Lightweight construction for unrestricted movement
  • Reinforced knee protection for enhanced safety
  • Adjustable straps for a secure and personalized fit
  • The perfect balance of comfort and defence
How To Buy The Best Cricket Pads For Kids? 

How To Buy The Best Cricket Pads For Kids? 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to buy pads for kids online from Yashi Sports:

  1. Open your favourite web browser and navigate to Yashi Sports’ main website. Click the link to the official website in the search results after typing “Yashi Sports” into the search box.
  1. Once there, look for a menu or search box on the Yashi Sports website. Find the category or section containing the youngsters’ sports gear or pads. This might be referred to as “Junior Pads.”
  1. To view the various options, select the Junior Pads section. You’ll probably see a variety of padding, including knee, elbow, and wrist protection. Spend time reviewing the various goods and reading their descriptions to decide which ones are best for your child.
  1. Once you’ve found the particular pads you want to buy, click on the product’s title or image to go to the product page. More information on the pads, including sizes, colours, and features, is available. Choose the right size and colour options depending on your child’s tastes and needs.
  1. Click the “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now” button on the product page if you’ve decided to purchase a specific set of pads. The pads will be added to your online shopping basket as a result.
  1. Go to the checkout or shopping cart pages. You may check out what you’ve put here, including your chosen pads. Make sure the amounts, colours, and sizes are accurate. You could also include any relevant extras or things.
  1. Click the “Checkout” or “Proceed to Checkout” button if you are happy with your chosen products and have added them to your shopping cart. You’ll then be sent to the page where you can pay for your order.
  1. Fill up the appropriate sections with your shipment and billing details. Your name, address, phone number, and email are all included in this. Make sure the data is accurate to prevent any delivery problems.
  1. Pick one that works for you from the list of available payment choices. Credit/debit cards, PayPal, and other online payment portals are typical options. To finish the payment transaction securely, simply follow the instructions.
  1. Review your order summary, including the pads, quantity, and total cost, before completing your transaction. To finish your purchase, click the “Place Order” or “Confirm Purchase” button if everything appears in order.
  1. After placing your order, Yashi Sports should send you an email confirming it. Your order’s order number and anticipated delivery date are included in the information in this email regarding your purchase.

That’s it! You have successfully purchased pads for kids online from Yashi Sports. Now you can patiently wait for your order to arrive at your specified address.

Junior Cricket Pads Size Guide 

Junior cricket pads come in various sizes to ensure a proper fit and adequate protection for young players. 

Here’s a unique and engaging guide to help you understand the different sizes and find the perfect pair of junior cricket pads:

  1. Size Chart

Junior cricket pads are typically categorized based on the player’s height. 

Here’s a general size chart to give you an idea:

Size 3: 

Suitable for players up to 4 feet 3 inches (130 cm) tall.

Size 4: 

Suitable for players between 4 feet 3 inches (130 cm) and 4 feet 6 inches (137 cm) tall.

Size 5: 

Suitable for players between 4 feet 6 inches (137 cm) and 4 feet 9 inches (145 cm) tall.

Size 6: 

Suitable for players between 4 feet 9 inches (145 cm) and 5 feet (152 cm) tall.

Size Harrow: 

Suitable for players between 5 feet (152 cm) and 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm) tall.

  1. Perfect Fit

Considering the player’s leg length is crucial when choosing junior cricket pads and height. Certain athletes may have longer or shorter legs in relation to their height. To achieve a tight fit, it is advised to test the pads on or measure the leg length.

  1. Adjustable Straps

The straps on many junior cricket pads may be adjusted to fit youngsters as they develop. The pads may be readily adjusted to fit the player as they develop by simply tightening or loosening these straps.

  1. Lightweight Design

Junior cricket pads are made of lightweight materials but provide enough protection. This makes sure that young players are able to handle cumbersome equipment and can move freely and pleasantly.

  1. Modern Materials

Modern junior cricket pads are frequently manufactured from premium components, including strong synthetic textiles, lightweight foam, and reinforced plastic inserts. These fabrics are flexible and soft, offering good protection against impacts.

  1. Unique Designs

Junior cricket pads include eye-catching colours, striking patterns, and original designs to appeal to young players. These innovative patterns enhance the visual appeal of the pads while also making them more engaging and fun to wear.

  1. Personalization

Junior cricket players can put their names, numbers, or team logos on some pads through personalization choices. This gives the equipment a unique quality and a feeling of ownership, making it even more special for young cricketers.

To offer the best possible safety and comfort throughout their games, young cricket players must remember to find the proper size and fit. 

Finding the ideal set of kid cricket pads is usually easier if you speak with a coach or an informed salesman.


After comprehensive testing, it is clear that all three cricket pads—SS Aerolite Batting Legguards Moulded Series, YASHI – Platino Cricket Batting Leg Guard in black, and YASHI PAD MAXXUM 4.0—offer varying benefits. The SS Aerolite Moulded Series provides exceptional lightweight protection, while the YASHI – Platino leg guard balances style and performance. 

The YASHI PAD MAXXUM 4.0 stands out for its advanced features and innovative design. Consider your young cricketer’s specific needs and preferences when selecting the best cricket pads, ensuring a comfortable fit and adequate protection during their exciting cricket journey.

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Final Words

Choosing the best cricket pads for kids is crucial for the safety and well-being of young cricketers. 

The SS Aerolite Batting Legguards Moulded Series, Yashi – Platino Cricket Batting Leg Guard – Black, and Yashi Pad Maxxum 4.0 are three exceptional choices that provide the perfect combination of protection, comfort, and performance for young cricketers.

How do you size junior cricket pads?

Measure from the kneecap’s centre to the foot’s top (ankle bone). Small boys (30–32 cm), boys (32–35 cm), teenagers (36–38 cm), and adult sizes are the typical ranges for sizes.

How do I choose cricket batting pads?

When choosing cricket hitting pads, your height, batting style, comfort level, and level of play are all important considerations. 

Ensure the pad extends from the foot to the mid-thigh without restricting movement. Consider your budget, the quality of the materials, and good protection.

Which cricket pads does Virat Kohli use?

MRF makes Virat Kohli’s cricket batting pads.

What’s the difference between left and right-hand cricket pads?

The main difference between left and right-hand cricket pads is where the wing, or additional cushioning, is located. Left-hand pads are padded more on the right leg, whereas right-hand pads are padded more on the left leg.

Which batting pads does Dhoni use?

Dhoni utilizes Spartan cricket bat pads.

Why Dhoni’s pads are different?

Why Dhoni’s pads are different: If Dhoni’s pads look different, it can be because they were made specifically for his playing style, comfort, or protection needs. 

Additionally, the design could allude to sponsorship agreements or brand aesthetics.

How do you pick a cricket bat for kids?

When choosing a cricket bat for children, remember that it should be light enough for the youngster to swing it without straining and not drag when gripped at the handle. 

Generally speaking, you may decide depending on the child’s height: less than 4 feet, select a size 3, 4 feet to 4 feet 3 in size 4, and so on.

How do I choose a cricket bat for my child?

When selecting a cricket bat for your child, consider their height, strength, and degree of expertise. A lighter bat has more control, while a heavier bat has more power. When standing straight, the bat’s height should be measured from the wrist to the ground.

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