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cricket store calgary

At Cricket Store Calgary, take a confident and fashionable stride onto the cricket field! Are you prepared to let your inner cricket player loose? Whether a beginner or an experienced player, our store is your one-stop shop for everything cricket. 

We have everything you need to advance your game to new heights, from potent bats to accurate balls, premium pads to safe helmets. Explore the exciting world of cricket gear with us, where performance and passion collide, and learn why Cricket Store Calgary is the beating heart of cricket fans in Canada. Prepare to perform like a champion! 


Your cricketing fantasies can come true at Cricket Store Calgary! Welcome! We are aware of the ardor and affection that Canadians have for cricket. For this reason, we’ve assembled the best selection of cricket gear to meet your needs. 

Best Cricket Equipment

The Heart of Cricket Bats

A cricket bat is your tool on the pitch, not just a piece of wood. At Cricket Store Calgary, we offer a diverse range of bats suited for every player, from power hitters to elegant stroke-makers. 

You may pick the ideal bat to fit your playing style and preferences with the assistance of our experts. 

Gear Up with Protective Equipment

In cricket, safety always comes first. We have a wide range of protective gear, such as helmets, pads, gloves, and guards, in store because of this. Because they have premium materials and ergonomic designs, you can play with the assurance that you are well protected.

Cricket Balls: A Crucial Component

An effective ball is necessary for every cricket match. Premium materials create the cricket balls in our store, guaranteeing their longevity and peak performance. We have the ideal ball for any game, whether you like synthetic or leather. 

Apparel for Performance

Cricket Clothing

Thanks to our assortment of cricket apparel, you can look and feel your best on the field. Our apparel, which ranges from shirts to pants, is made to be breathable, comfortable, and flexible. Wear clothing that will help you perform at your best. 

What are the Best Sports Stores near me Providing high-quality equipment?

Accessories Galore

We have you covered with our extensive selection of accessories because cricket has become a detail-oriented game. We have everything you need, including grips, tapes, bags, and drink bottles, to improve your cricketing experience. 

Reputable Brands 

At Cricket Store Calgary, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best. We work with well-known cricket companies that are famous for their excellence and creativity for this reason. You may buy confidently, knowing you’re getting durable, high-quality goods. You can find top-quality cricket equipment in Calgary from reputable brands such as:

1. Gray-Nicolls

2. Kookaburra

3. Gunn & Moore

4. SS Ton

5. SG

6. New Balance

7. Adidas

8. Spartan

9. Puma

10. DSC (Deluxe Sports Company)

These companies provide an extensive selection of cricket equipment, such as bats, balls, protective gear, clothes, and accessories, so you can be sure to have all you need to succeed on the field. 

Expert Advice

Need help determining what gear is best for you? We have helpful staff on hand to help you! Their years of experience in the game allow them to offer professional advice and suggestions for your playing style and skill level. 

Practical Location 

Cricket fans from around the city may easily reach our store because it is in Calgary. We’re in an excellent location for all your cricket needs, whether you’re a local or visiting from out of town.

Online Shopping Options

Need help visiting the store? That’s not a problem! With our online buying platform, you can explore and buy your preferred cricket gear from the convenience of your home. Take advantage of doorstep delivery’s ease and maintain your cricket-loving connection.

Run down

The mission of Cricket Store Calgary is to promote cricket players’ passions, not only sell equipment. We aim to fuel your cricketing experience with our extensive variety, professional assistance, and accessible services. 

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Do you provide services for customizing bats? 

Absolutely. We offer bat customization services so you can adjust the weight, grip, and blade size to suit your tastes. 

How can I determine the appropriate size for my protective gear?

A staff member can help you choose the appropriate protective gear size based on your height, type of play, and build.

Can I return or swap a product that doesn’t meet my expectations? 

A: To guarantee client pleasure, we indeed have a flexible return and exchange policy. Please visit our website or contact us for additional information—customer support staff.

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