ICC cricket world cup 2023 schedule

Get ready to witness the ultimate battle of cricket supremacy as the world’s best teams clash for glory at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023!

In October and November, India will host the Cricket World Cup. This much-anticipated competition will include 10 teams worldwide competing for the coveted trophy.

The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023, the 13th edition of the Men’s Cricket World Cup, will be held from October 5 to November 19, 2023. This will be India’s first ICC World Cup event entirely hosted by the country. 

Cricket is a popular and extensively loved sport in India, making it an ideal host country for this exciting tournament. The country has cutting-edge stadiums and infrastructure, making it the ideal venue for the world’s best cricketing nations to compete for supremacy.

The competing teams will come from around the world, each with its playing styles and strategies. The competition aims to showcase some of the world’s top cricketing skills, with spectators looking forward to each encounter.

In addition, the Cricket World Cup is a prestigious tournament with a long history of memorable events and famous performances.

It offers a platform for players to demonstrate their abilities on the grandest stage and for viewers to experience some of the sport’s most thrilling and dramatic moments.

Cricket fans worldwide are excitedly awaiting the start of the competition, which promises to be filled with absolutely fantastic cricketing action.

Here you will get the ICC World Cup 2023 schedule, team, venue, timetable, points table, ranking and winning prediction.

Let’s dive into some more exciting insights about Cricket World Cup 2023. 

2023 Cricket World Cup Overview 

2023 Cricket World Cup Overview 
AdministratorInternational Cricket Council
Cricket FormatOne Day International
Selection ProcedureRound-Robin and Knockout
Opening Match5 October 2023
Final Match19 November 2023
Participants Teams10
Total Matches played48
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Format Of ICC Men’s World Cup 2023

The format of the ICC Men’s 50-over world cup will be the same as that of the 2019 world cup. There will be ten teams in all, and there will be 48 matches. 

The top eight teams will qualify depending on their performance in the ICC rankings. The final two teams will be chosen from the world cup super league matches. 

Continue reading to learn more about Super League matches and the team’s qualifications through this channel. 

Cricket World Cup 2023 Stadiums

The Cricket World Cup 2023, which will include the best cricket teams from around the world, is poised to be a grand celebration of the sport. 

The stadiums in which the matches will be played are one of the essential components that will contribute to the success of this worldwide event. 

Each stadium is distinct in its own right, having its history, personality, and atmosphere. The excitement and energy of the people, together with the high quality of the facilities, will provide players and spectators with a unique experience. 

Let’s look at some amazing venues to host this highly anticipated tournament.

Moreover, since the 13th edition will take place in India, we expect big stadiums to feature in the list. 

Given below is the ICC cricket world Cup 2023 stadiums list:

S. NoStadium nameCity
2Eden GardensKolkata
3Feroz Shah KotlaDelhi
4M ChinnaswamiBangalore
5MA ChidambaramChennai
6Sardar Patel StadiumAhmedabad
7PCA stadiumMohali
8Rajiv Gandhi International StadiumHyderabad
9VCA StadiumNagpur
10MCA StadiumPune
11Green Park StadiumKanpur
12SCA StadiumRajkot
13Gandhi StadiumGuwahati (Assam)

ICC World Cup 2023, Team List:

The ICC World Cup 2023 is one of the world’s most awaited cricket tournaments. Every cricket fan looks forward to this event since it brings together the top teams worldwide to compete for the coveted trophy. 

The competition, which will be hosted in India, the home of cricket, promises to be an exciting experience for both players and fans. 

The competition comprises a wide spectrum of teams, each with its own set of skills and plans, and it’s always interesting to see how they stack up against one another. 

The tournament squad roster is nearly complete, and supporters are excitedly awaiting the start of the competition to witness their beloved teams in action.

ICC World Cup 2023, Team List

Below is the ICC 2023 world cup team list (expected).

  1. India
  2. Pakistan
  3. Australia
  4. Sri Lanka
  5. West Indies
  6. Bangladesh
  7. South Africa
  8. New Zealand
  9. England
  10. Afghanistan
Men's ODI Team Rankings

Men’s ODI Team Rankings

5New Zealand363,903108
6South Africa313,141101
8Sri Lanka363,09986
9West Indies433,10572

2023 World Cup Schedule And Fixtures

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has confirmed the Cricket World Cup 2023 schedule and fixture dates, which will begin in India in October 2023. During the 2023 competition, 48 matches will be played, with the main event featuring 10 qualified teams. 

The ICC has finally released the whole schedule and fixtures for the ICC 2023 World Cup. In the group stage, each team plays nine matches. The top four teams from each group will advance to the semi-finals and finals. India vs. Pakistan is the most anticipated match during the Cricket World Cup in 2023.

The ICC Cricket World Cup is a 40+ day event in October and November (specific dates will be confirmed later). England is the defending champion after winning the previous ICC World Cup.

Cricket World Cup 2023 Match Date & Time

Teams                                                            Date and time                        venue 

1England vs South AfricaOct 5, Thu (Anticipated)India
2West Indies vs Pakistan Oct – NovIndia
3New Zealand vs Sri LankaOct – NovIndia
4Afghanistan vs AustraliaOct – NovIndia
5South Africa vs BangladeshOct – NovIndia
6England vs PakistanOct – NovIndia
7Afghanistan vs Sri LankaOct – NovIndia
8South Africa vs IndiaOct – NovIndia
9Bangladesh vs New ZealandOct – NovIndia
10Australia vs West IndiesOct – NovIndia
11Pakistan vs Sri LankaOct – NovIndia
12England vs BangladeshOct – NovIndia
13Afghanistan vs New ZealandOct – NovIndia
14India vs AustraliaOct – NovIndia
15South Africa vs West Indies Oct – NovIndia
16Bangladesh vs Sri LankaOct – NovIndia
17Australia vs PakistanOct – NovIndia
18India vs New ZealandOct – NovIndia
19England vs West IndiesOct – NovIndia
20Sri Lanka vs AustraliaOct – NovIndia
21South Africa vs AfghanistanOct – NovIndia
22India vs PakistanOct – NovIndia
23West Indies vs BangladeshOct – NovIndia
24England vs AfghanistanOct – NovIndia
25New Zealand vs South Africa Oct – NovIndia
26Australia vs BangladeshOct – NovIndia
27England vs Sri Lanka Oct – NovIndia
28India vs AfghanistanOct – NovIndia
29West Indies vs New ZealandOct – NovIndia
30Pakistan vs South Africa Oct – NovIndia
31Bangladesh vs AfghanistanOct – NovIndia
32England vs AustraliaOct – NovIndia
33New Zealand vs Pakistan  Oct – NovIndia
34West Indies vs India Oct – NovIndia
35Sri Lanka vs South Africa Oct – NovIndia
36Pakistan vs Afghanistan Oct – NovIndia
37New Zealand vs AustraliaOct – NovIndia
38England vs IndiaOct – NovIndia
39Sri Lanka vs West IndiesOct – NovIndia
40India vs Bangladesh Oct – NovIndia
41England vs New ZealandOct – NovIndia
42Afghanistan vs West IndiesOct – NovIndia
43Pakistan vs Bangladesh Oct – NovIndia
44Sri Lanka vs India Oct – NovIndia
45Australia vs South AfricaOct – NovIndia
46TBC vs TBC 1st  Semifinal NovemberIndia
47TBC vs TBC 2nd SemifinalNovemberIndia
48TBC vs TBC FinalNov 19, SunAhmedabad, India

ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 Schedule

The ICC has not yet officially released the Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 schedule, so keep an eye on this site or bookmark it for future reference. We will update this area as soon as the ICC releases the official CWC 2023 schedule.

EventHostDatesParticipating Teams
ICC Men’s CWC League 2Oman19 – 28 March 2021Oman, USA, Nepal
ICC Men’s CWC League 2PNG14 – 24 April 2021PNG, Oman, Scotland
ICC Men’s CWC League 2PNG13 – 23 May 2021PNG, USA, Namibia
ICC Men’s CWC League 2ScotlandJul-21Scotland, Nepal, Namibia
ICC Men’s CWC League 2USAAug-21USA, Scotland, UAE
ICC Men’s CWC League 2NamibiaTBCNamibia, Oman, UAE
ICC Men’s CWC League 2UAEDec-21UAE, Namibia, Oman
ICC Men’s CWC League 2NepalFeb-22Nepal, UAE, PNG
ICC Men’s CWC League 2Namibia25 March – 5 April 2022Namibia, Nepal, Scotland
ICC Men’s CWC League 2ScotlandJun-22Scotland, UAE, USA
ICC Men’s CWC League 2USAJul-22USA, Nepal, Oman
ICC Men’s CWC League 2NamibiaTBCNamibia, PNG, USA
ICC Men’s CWC League 2PNG22 September – 2 October 2022PNG, UAE, Nepal
ICC Men’s CWC League 2Oman22 November – 2 December 2022Oman, Scotland, PNG
ICC Men’s CWC League 2NepalFeb-23Nepal, Namibia, Scotland
ICC Men’s CWC League 2UAEFeb-23UAE, PNG, Nepal
ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 Schedule

Cricket World Cup 2023 Schedule League 2

EventHostDatesParticipating Teams
ICC Men’s Challenge League ACanada15 – 28 August 2021Canada, Denmark, Malaysia, Qatar, Singapore, Vanuatu
ICC Men’s Challenge League BJersey1 – 14 September 2021Bermuda, Hong Kong, Italy, Jersey, Kenya, Uganda
ICC Men’s Challenge League BUgandaFeb – 22Bermuda, Hong Kong, Italy, Jersey, Kenya, Uganda
ICC Men’s Challenge League AMalaysiaSep – 22Canada, Denmark, Malaysia, Qatar, Singapore, Vanuatu
Cricket World Cup 2023 Schedule League A & B

Cricket World Cup 2023 Schedule League A & B

EventHostDatesParticipating Teams
ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Super LeagueVariousJuly 2020 – March 2023Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, West Indies, Zimbabwe
ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Qualifier Play-OffTBC2023Bottom teams from Men’s CWC League 2 x4Top teams from Challenge Leagues A and B x2
ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup QualifierZimbabwe18 June – 9 July 2023Bottom teams from Men’s CWC Super League x5Top teams from Men’s CWC League 2 x3Top teams from Men’s CWC Qualifier Play-Off x2
ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023IndiaOctober – 26 November 2023India as HostsTop teams from Men’s CWC Super League x7Top teams from Men’s CWC Qualifier x2
Men’s Cricket World Cup Winners 

Men’s Cricket World Cup Winners 

Below are the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup winners from 1975 to 2019.

YearHostFinal Match playing TeamResult
1975England West Indies vs AustraliaWest Indies won by 17 runs
1979England West Indies vs EnglandWest Indies won by 92 runs
1983England India vs West IndiesIndia won by 43 runs
1987India Australia vs EnglandAustralia won by 7 runs
1992Australia and New Zealand Pakistan vs EnglandPakistan won by 22 runs
1996Pakistan India and Sri LankaSri Lanka vs AustraliaSri Lanka won by 7 wickets
1999England Australia vs PakistanAustralia won by 8 wickets
2003South Africa Australia vs IndiaAustralia won by 125 runs
2007West Indies Australia vs Sri LankaAustralia won by 53 runs
2011India Bangladesh and Sri Lanka India vs Sri LankaIndia won by 6 wickets
2015Australia and New Zealand Australia vs New ZealandAustralia won by 7 wickets
2019EnglandEngland Vs New ZealandEngland won in Super Over
Who will win the World Cup in 2023?

It would be early to predict which team would win the World Cup in 2023. However, because of their familiarity with their home situations, all participating teams may find the host nation, India, challenging.

Which teams will play in the 2023 Cricket World Cup?

The top 10 teams of ICC will play in the 2023 cricket world cup. Below are the expected teams that will play in the world cup: 

England (defending champions)
South Africa
New Zealand
West Indies
Sri Lanka

Which country will host the 2023 Cricket World Cup?

India will host the 2023  cricket world cup.

What is the schedule of the 2023 World Cup?

The ICC Men’s World Cup 2023 (50 overs) will be held in India in October and November 2023, with the dates 5 October 2023 — 19 November 2023 (expected).

Where is the 2023 World Cup scheduled to happen?


Will there be a cricket World Cup in 2023?

Yes, a cricket world cup will be held in 2023. It will be played in India in October and November.

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